About Us

Learning how to make chocolate at Choco Museo in Antigua, Guatemala.

Learning how to make chocolate at Choco Museo in Antigua, Guatemala.

The Tumbling Weeds are a family of four: Mike, Sonja, Emma and Jacob.  We were all born in Vancouver, Canada, but have travelled quite a lot, especially Mike.  We had been struggling to squeeze more travel into our busy daily lives when Sonja said, “Why don’t we flip it around and make travel our daily life for a while.”  Lots of other people are doing it… why can’t we.

Well we can and we are.  We are packing up the house, renting it out, pulling the kids out of school and hitting the road for a year.  We are not sure how long we will last, but we are giving it a try.  Here is a little bio on each of us.


Mike is the Dad.  He has been working in IT for over 20 years and has travelled to every continent in the world except Africa (we are going to fix this shortly).  Some times travel has been for work, but a lot has been for pleasure.  He believes in working hard and playing easy.  You have to find time for reflection to really appreciates life’s experiences.

While Mike works in IT (Architecture and Project Management), the focus of his work is more about people and change, than the technology.  Taking a year off with the kids to explore cultures of the world is going to be an exciting and enriching experience.  It is going to allow him to connect with Emma and Jacob in a way that would never be possible in Canada.  He can teach them many things, but most importantly, he will learn many things from them too.

This is Mike’s first attempt at blogging.  He is typically a private person, so this will definitely be a stretch.  A good stretch, but a big one.  This should be a fun ride.


Sonja is the mom and wife who wouldn’t trade those roles for anything.  Having left a career in advertising and marketing she chose to join her husband’s company in order to work from home and be able to raise their young family.  It was a choice with zero regret.

Beyond work and family, Sonja loves all things in the food and culinary realm. She reads cookbooks as though they were novels.  Traveling is her second passion, so it’s no big surprise that  the most important souvenir is to find a regional cookbook to tote home and add to her extensive collection.

Sonja believes that years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.  Their round-the-world adventure is one of those things.  Sharing time together with her family as they explore the world together, learning, growing and bonding while creating memories that will last them a lifetime.  She’s hoping this blog will not only let you share in some of their experiences but also inspire you to live your dreams.


Don’t let her initial shyness lead you astray.  Once she’s found her ground and understood her position, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Emma is an adrenalin junkie and a true thrill-seeker who has yet to find a roller-coaster that is high or fast enough to scare her.  Her mother is pretty sure that she has gills growing behind her ears because she’ll seize the moment to find an opportunity to swim.

Emma is without a doubt fearless and eager to jump in with both feet whenever possible. Her junior lifeguard camp proved this point when she braved the bone-chilling temperatures of our coastal waters. Emma has since decided to make diving her preferred sport and she diligently practices with fervor.  This has lead to leaving her cheering parents in the stands at the latest diving competition as she claimed the 4th place ribbon in the lower mainland.

There’s a whole lot of dependability packed into this 10 year old and it would be hard to find anyone that would say otherwise.  She is always quick to offer her help and there is a definite leadership and creative manner about her and in all she does.  It would not be big surprise if she chose to be a teacher, leader or something along that nature.


If you ask his parents for a two-word summary of Jacob, it would be perpetual motion.  Jacob is a boy with seemingly boundless energy.

For all those grown-ups who have yet to find their calling or passion in life, Jacob could easily be their greatest envy.  His passion is football and without falter he’ll tell you his future is to play with the likes of Messi, Robin van Persi and Ronaldo.  When not putting all that energy into playing football at school or with his teammates, he can easily be found kicking his ball around the house, playing FIFA on his iPad, or reviewing that stats and scores of the latest games.  Jacob is currently learning Spanish in the event that Barcelona may offer him a position on their team.

Without a doubt, Jacob is the one who brings a playful lightheartedness to the family. His sense of humour keeps his parents from becoming too serious and on any given day his crazy antics will throw his sister into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

At the tender age of eight he is reflective and compassionate to those around him. His creativity and curiosity fuel his desire to learn and explore new things. Although math is his favorite subject, self-directed projects on snakes, whales and greek gods are not uncommon.  He has an uncanny ability to memorize dialogue and has two Shakespeare plays under his belt.

While we’re traveling, Jacob is looking forward to exploring cultures where he can make new friends, play some soccer in every country we visit and hopefully learn a few new soccer moves.

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