Soccer in Greve

long ago steps

Old steps along the side of the driveway where we stayed.

When we were in Tuscany, Italy, we were living in a house in the country side. It was a beautiful house on a hill with a pool. It was surrounded with vineyards. The closest town was “Luca Lena”. Luca Lena was really small and did not have a big grocery store or a soccer pitch.
That’s why we had to go on a long windy road to get to Greve.


The vineyard

One day when my Mum was going to the store for grocery’s, I saw the soccer pitch. It was on the edge of town. It was in good condition, but surrounded by a fence. It was probably used by the local team.

I told my Dad we have to go play soccer there before we leave. I hadn’t played soccer since Nerja, Spain!


This is the landscape in Greve. It’s really beautiful.

The next day my Dad and I took the rental car into Greve. We parked in the centre of town and walked along a busy road to the pitch. Boy, it was hot! It felt so good to have the ball under my feet again. It was so fun, even though we forgot the water and were super thirsty. After that it was a nice treat to stop for some nice, cold gelato.

The next time my Dad and I came to Greve, we came with my Mum and Emma. My Mum and Emma went shopping and wine tasting. My Dad and I went to play soccer. My Mum had to wait in Greve for us to finish, because she lost her driver license in India and could not drive.

wine tasting

My Mum and Emma went here for wine and olive oil tasting.


This time we did bring water. I also brought my cleats. I had so much fun. I had a lot of good shots.

Then it started raining. We had to play quickly. We played a scoring game where I got points for goals and my Dad got minus points for saves. If I got to ten points, we’d go for gelato. If I lost ten points we’d just go home. In the end I won my two scoops of fresh creamy gelato.

pig head

Roasted porcetta. My mom’s favourite, not mine.

At one point it started hailing and there was thunder and lightning! We had to race to get off the field. We went to the gelato shop and then went to find my Mum and Emma.

They had bought their groceries, but it was still pouring with rain. We had to go run to the car with the groceries! There were rivers of water running across the road. We got soaked. That was an experience and a half.

The last time we went to the pitch, it was perfect weather. We went down with water and started playing. When we finished we got gelato and went back. My Mum and Emma were at some store where you drink wine and olive oil. As soon as they finished we went back to our house.

It was so fun.

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