Making the Perfect Pizza

In Florence we went for a pizza and gelato-making course. I am doing the pizza blog and Emma is doing the gelato blog.

We met one of the chefs near the Il Duomo in Florence. We had to wait for about half an hour until everyone got there. Then we walked another 30 minutes through Florence to get to the kitchen.

When we got to the kitchen we put our aprons on and washed our hands. The pizza making tables were all marble because we were making the pizza on the table without any plates!

When we were all settled down, he read the introduction to the course and what we were going to do. Then he gave us the right amount of regular flour and a bucket up salty yeasty water. After he gave everyone everything they needed, he started doing a demonstration.

When he was finished I started making my pizza. First I made a big hole in the middle of my flour and poured one and a half cups of the salty yeasty water into the hole. (There is yeast in the water because the yeast makes the pizza rise in the oven)

The hole

After I poured the water in I took some flour of the walls and stirred I kept doing it until there was no flour left. This was very fun

When there was no flour left I started kneading. Kneading is were press the dough down, roll it then you do a quarter turn and keep repeating the process for twenty minutes. That tired me out the most!



We made sure there were no cracks. Then we rounded the ball till it was almost round, except the part that was touching the ground. We spread olive oil over it and then had it sit for TWO HOURS! (Mine was the masterpiece)

When we were done waiting we took the pizza dow and stretched it and stretched it until it was just the right size of the paddle.


You realize that pizza in Italy is thin and in North America it is thick. And that in Italy they put less toppings on and in North America the over load the pizza

My toppings.

Then we put the toppings on I put and tomato sauce, cheese, prosciutto, basil and a little of spices. This is fun

After that I put it on the paddle and into the pizza oven. In two minutes it was ready.

pizza air born


My pizza was a little oddly shaped but other wise it was the best pizza I had ever tasted. It was to die for. Awesome


We made the same pizza a week later when we were in the countryside. It went very well. We did not have and electric pizza oven, so we made in a regular, wood-burning stone oven. My Dad had to start a wood fire in the middle of the oven. When the heat was right, he pushed the coals to the side and we cooked our pizzas right beside the burning coals. It was really cool and it tasted sooo good!

Pizza finally


on it goes

The fire

All of the toppings

Homemade tomato sauce


pizza balls

Overall it was AWESOME!!!

3 responses to “Making the Perfect Pizza

  1. I love this post (I just started following your blogs) because ever since we went to Italy we have been making homemade pizza dough and not overloading our pizza with toppings. We don’t have a wood burning oven but we do have a bbq. When you are home, try it on your bbq. It’s not quite the same as wood burning, but it’s an acceptable substitute.

    • Thanks, Cheryl. We’ll have to try this when we get home. It sounds a lot easier than building a wood burning over in the backyard.

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