Wadi Rum (وادي رم‎): Photo Essay

Wadi Rum,also known as The Valley of the Moon, is the desert that TE Lawrence wrote about in the book Seven Pillars of Wisdom and it was the partial setting of David Leans movie Lawrence of Arabia. 

Most importantly though, it is home for the Zalabia Bedouin who live amongst the sculpted sandstone and granite rocks, dunes and desert sand. The nomadic tribe lives in tents dotted across the desert floor.  Their sheep and goats graze on the few blades of grass and dry scrubby dessert bushes.


We decided that we would like to experience what it would be like to spend a night in the desert with a Bedouin family.

We met up with Yousef who welcomed us into his home with offerings of tea and stories about growing up in the desert.

3-some Camel Riding

Our adventure started with a camel ride.

Camel Heading Out

We would be staying at Yousef’s parents tent later that evening.  His father, Mohammed, despite knowing virtually no English would be our tour guide for the desert and it’s wonders.

J's Headscarf

Jacob was getting a few pointers on how to properly tie and wear the traditional headscarf.

Mohammed building a fire

Mohammed found a shady spot for lunch.  He found some wood and proceeded to get the kettle boiling for our tea.

Emma Relaxing

Emma chilling out.

Emma and Jacob loved it in the desert.  I was worried that they would get bored after a while but that never happened.

Bedioun Lego

Jacob playing with Bedouin Lego.

Jacob's creation; a tower and a bridge.

Jacob’s creation; a tower and a bridge.


The fire is already going as you can see by the smoke wafting through the roof of the tent.

This is Mohammed’s home.

Tent Fire 2

The tent was divided into three sections.  This was the main gathering section where the family congregates to cook, eat, chat and smoke for hours on end.

Good Morning

The middle section is where we slept for the night.


Did you know that when a goat coughs it sounds like a small child coughing? I woke up several times during the night thinking either Emma or Jacob were coughing because of the smokey fire.

The third section was where the goats are kept for the night.  That’s right, I never said there was a bathroom because it’s outside under the stars wherever you pick, which is hopefully not too close to the tent.


A quick breakfast or pita, cheese, hummus and halwa before we head out for some more exploring.

Smoking Momma

Yousef’s mother sipping her morning tea with added sage and warmed goat’s milk.


At one point I thought I might be married to a Bedouin.  What do you think?

Sand Dune 2

Emma and Jacob never seemed to tire of running up and down the dunes. Their shoes filled with sand didn’t seem to slow them down either.

The colours of the sand dunes against the sky was absolutely stunning.

Rock Drawings

Nabateans–leaving their mark in the form of rock paintings, graffiti, and temples.

Camel Sense

Family Pic



2 responses to “Wadi Rum (وادي رم‎): Photo Essay

  1. This seems interesting. While you are in Jordan, don’t forget to try the most delicious Jordanian sweet, it is called “Kenafa Nabelsia”. Really good . Enjoy 🙂

    • Hey Hany,
      I wish our blogging was more real-time. We didn’t get a chance to have “Kenafa Nabelsia”. We did try a whole range of different desserts in Istanbul. They were great.
      We had a great time in Jordan. It was a pretty amazing country… lots of history and some cool geography. There is a lot packed into a little country.

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