The Golden Temple

[Sorry… no pictures… our main camera was stolen leaving Amritsar… check out the Wikipedia page]

Amritsar is a major city in India. In the city there is nothing special aside from The Golden Temple. This temple is in a very large complex that surrounds a large pool of water. At the heart of the complex and at the centre of the large pool of water lies the temple. The temple itself has three stories, all of which have lots of gold. Sikhs pray here. It is an important pilgrimage site for them.

When we first got to Amritsar it was by train. We got in a taxi and headed for our hotel. The taxi driver stopped a little ways from our hotel and said we had to walk from there. The streets were a maze. We almost got lost. When we finally got to our hotel we settled down and relaxed.

The next day we just walked around a little to get a feel for the city. We didn’t walk very far because there was nothing we needed or wanted to see. That day we figured out that people in Amritsar really were not very happy. All the people on the streets pushed you around or came really close to you when they drove by. They drove so fast you could almost feel them and sometimes you could. The staff at the hotel we were staying at weren’t very happy people either.

The day after that, we went to The Golden Temple. The admission to the golden temple was free. All you had to do was have your head cover and remove your shoes. We stored our shoes in some cubbyholes, put on our scarves and walked into the complex. The first thing you saw was the temple gleaming over the water surrounding it. With a excruciatingly long ling up to get in. The temple blinded your eyes with it’s extravagant gold walls. It had a lot of complex detail.

Once we finished walking around the complex we walked up to the entrance of The Golden Temple itself. We weren’t sure if we could go in, but we met some nice people from Edmonton that told us it would be ok.

After about half an hour we managed to get inside. Even inside the temple was golden. I was amazed by how shiny the walls and ceilings were. It was like everyone that was in the temple had brought their toothbrush with them and scrubbed it all. In the centre of the bottom floor and in the middle of all the chaos, was a praying area with an altar. The prayers were going on the whole time we were there. It looked like it could go on 24/7. People donated money and some prayed inside the fenced off altar area.

On the second floor there was even more gold! Everywhere you went there was gold. The second floor looked like a place to watch the altar and prayer going on down bellow. Every single detail in the gold looked like it was made just yesterday. With the gold showing no rust or anything. All the pictures were perfectly draw with no mistakes.

Next we headed for the third and final floor. This floor was outside with almost everything gold. The stuff that wasn’t gold was marble. It was all outside except for a little prayer room in the middle where people were making offerings. Around the sides you could look down on the water below you. There was a golden dome on top of the prayer room that everyone could see.

The Golden Temple was a beautiful site. Completely different from the city around it, which was dirty, smelly, had not so nice people and cows everywhere.

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