An Explosive New Year’s

Last New Year’s Eve, our family decided to go out on the town in Koh Samui. This year was the first year that we went out for New Year’s Eve as a family. We were all super excited about it.

Nice place to sit back and relax

Nice place to sit back and relax

We got to the beach about two hours before midnight, so we had some waiting to do. We found a place on the beach with bean bag chairs and decided that it would be a good place to celebrate. We made ourselves comfortable and talked for a bit. Jacob and I brought sparklers and played with those for a bit. I found that there were a lot more people than I expected.

I brought along my laser pointer with me to the beach. My laser pointer is green with a bright stream of light when it’s dark. It had full batteries. Jacob and I both had fun playing with it for a while. We pointed at the few stars that we could see through the clouds and at some of the fireworks that went off early.

Fireworks everywhere!

Fireworks everywhere!

Even before New Year’s, people were setting off fireworks. There were so many fireworks that I couldn’t have counted them. These fireworks were not like the ones in Vancouver where you have to get a permit. All you have to do is buy them and light them up. If you think about it, it’s freaky. There were a bunch of people there who didn’t know much about fireworks. Some of the fireworks were so close to the ground, it was not even funny. Some weren’t even 3 metres off the ground when they exploded. I thought it was a very cool but scary experience.

Finally, New Year’s was only a few minutes away. We were all so excited. When New Year’s struck, we all shouted and cheered. All at once a whole bunch of fireworks went off; not just at our beach, but at all the beaches around us. Because we were at the beach, we could see fireworks from two sides of our island and from another island not far away. I was amazed by the sheer number of fireworks going off at one time. It was so amazing I have never seen anything like it.

After a few minutes the cheering died down a bit but the fireworks were still going. New ones were combing out every minute. I was amazed that they got away with having the fireworks so close to the ground. We had an amazing time sitting on the beach in our beanbag chairs and watching people and fireworks.

Nice party hat...

Nice party hat…

After the fireworks went down to only a few every once in a while, Jacob and my Dad went back to the hotel because they wanted to get some rest. My Mum and I stayed for a little longer. We wanted to enjoy the night for a bit longer. After about half an hour, we went back to the hotel too. We were very sleepy and burnt out.

On our way back we made a friend. Our friend was a dog that followed us home. We were walking down a small street that led to the main road and the dog followed us. We tried to get in front of him, but every time we sped up he would too. Every time we slowed down, he did too. It was kind of funny. Both my Mum and I were hoping that he didn’t follow us all the way home and ask for food. Luckily he didn’t. He met some other people about 3/4 of the way home and just followed them the other way.

Setting of a lantern for New Year's

Setting of a lantern for New Year’s

We all really enjoyed New Year’s and hope all of you enjoyed it to.

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