Playing in Erawan Waterfalls

Erawan Bottom

The start of our trek

When we went to Kanchanaburi, Thailand we decided to go and check out the Erawan Waterfalls. We booked a tour that took us out to the waterfalls, visited the Death Railway (see Jacob’s post) and then brought us back to the hotel. Our transportation to these fabulous waterfalls was a minivan. This minivan was spacious, mostly because half the seats were empty. The ride to the waterfalls was about 2 hours. We boarded the minivan settled down and watch the forest glide by.

When we got out of the van, our tour guide said, “Be back here in 2 hours. The entrance is over there.” We found this kind of strange. It seemed like a long time to visit waterfalls. We found out later that there were 7 waterfalls in total and that you can swim in 6 of them.

On the way up

On the way up

Erawan Top

The tall waterfall

The first thing we did was hike up to the farthest waterfall. The farthest one is about 2 km away from the first. Almost all of it is up hill. We took about half an hour getting to the top waterfall. It felt like a long hike, especially because we kept seeing beautiful pools of water that we could not swim in until we were on our way down. We drank a whole lot of water on our way up because it was so hot. We kept hoping that it was not to much farther. When we got to where the trail ended, it was totally worth it. There was a huge waterfall going up 100m if not more. It was beautiful. I have never seen a waterfall like the one that was there when we got to the top.

Erawan Top 2

Another view

Our first swim

Our first swim

At the top we swan for the first time since we got there. The water was clear and cold. It felt nice after the hike. It went deep almost instantly and I could not stand. I guess that was a good thing because we had visitors. Nibbling Fish!!! I have felt nibbling fish before (we paid for it in Chiang Mai) but these ones were different. They scratched at you and they didn’t just go for your feet. They went for your whole body! If you kept moving they wouldn’t nibble on you as much. They would still nibble a bit though, so we got out quickly.

Nibbling fish!

Nibbling fish!

Climbing under the waterfall

Climbing under the waterfall

We moved down to the next waterfall that we could swim in. This one had a cave inside the waterfall. We swam to the waterfall and started climbing the rock to get to the cave. The waterfall was harder to climb into then I expected. I almost wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for a lady who was already standing inside the cave. She helped me get up into it. When I looked around I realized it was different then it looked from the outside. The cave had an upwards slant that had a couple of good sitting areas. We sat there for a bit then went underneath the waterfall to feel how heavy it was. It was very heavy and almost knocked me out of the cave. When we finish in there we jumped out and swam to shore.

Erawan Second Swim

Letting the world wash by…

Erawan Under Last Falls

Getting a little wet!

Once we finished at that pool we went to the last waterfall. This one also had a cave. Of course, we had to go inside. This cave was completely different. It had moss and other shrubs all over the place inside. It was also longer then the other one. We explored a little bit then sat down and relaxed for a bit. This part was hard because of the water beating on the rocks. We finally got out and swam to shore. Once we were all dried off we went back down the mountain and met out tour guide. We got back in the minivan and enjoyed the rest of our day.

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