Did you say Snake Farm?

Preserved snake

Preserved snake

When we were in Bangkok we decided to go to a snake farm. We hopped onto the subway and went to the station nearest to the snake farm. When we got to the station nearest to the snake farm, my Dad refused to navigate and my Mum said it was all up to Emma and I.

We had no clue so we checked the map. The map didn’t help much yet my Dad knew all along were it was. Emma and I estimated where it was. We went right down the street and we turned right again at the next street. That’s when we asked someone. They pointed in a general direction. We went down that street and I said, “How about we check the Thailand Red Cross?” We did and we found it in a little alleyway and the snake farm.

When we went to buy tickets, I realized that my Dad was not coming. I went in with Emma and my Mum.

We went to see the smaller and less deadly snakes first. There was a lot of rat snakes and other small snakes.

Ugly rat snake

Ugly rat snake

Some of them had habitats that were small and were surrounded by glass. Others were big and had no roof. In one of the big habitats, there were these really ugly rat snakes. They tried to attack me but hit their heads on the glass.

I also realized snakes are really strong. They can lift their whole body on the edge of their tail.

When we finished in this section, we went to the more venomous snakes. We still saw a lot of rat snakes and other unpopular snakes, but we also saw a lot of pythons and cobras! We saw King and Spitting cobras and pythons from all across the globe.

Hiding cobra

Hiding cobra

All of these snakes lived in glass habitats. All of the habitats had a lot of branches so sometimes it was hard to see them.

Then we went upstairs to section 3. Upstairs was all about how snakes bite humans. Depending on where they bite you, the venom attacks you differently. We also watched a video all about snakes. There was also a fake dummy that had snake bites all over his body. Upstairs there was also skeletons of snakes.

Next we went to the final part. Here we found huge snakes in big cages. These snakes were pythons. They were a foot wide and about 4-5 meters long. My Mum was grossed out. What would you think if you ran into one of those guys?

Bangkok Snake Farm 3

A line of preserved snakes

It was so cool!

Massive snake skeleton

Massive snake skeleton

One response to “Did you say Snake Farm?

  1. Hi Jacob!

    I am soo proud of you. Your blogs are so nicely outlined and detailed, it almost feels like I was there with you. Although I am glad I am not there at the snake farm. They gross me out BIG TIME!!!

    Keep up the good work and I will look for your next blog.

    Miss you THISSSS much! !!!

    Auntie Drea

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