How to Book a Hotel on the Road

When we went to Cambodia, Jacob and I got to book a hotel by ourselves! We booked the hotel in Siem Reap. Jacob and I were both really excited to get started because we had never booked a hotel before. Mum and Dad said that we had to find a place for under $30 a night. Dad also wanted a pool.

There are many ways of booking a hotel. This is the way we did ours.

Lonely Planet SE AsiaFirst, we looked in our Lonely Planet “Southeast Asia on a Shoestring” guide book. Lonely Planet guide books tells about tourist sites and hotels in different parts of the world. A ton of backpackers and tourists use them to find their way around different countries. We read the section on Siem Reap, but didn’t find anything we liked..

Booking.comNext we looked on the website. On we had to put in the following:

  • what city we wanted to visit
  • when we wanted to go there
  • how many days we were staying
  • how many adults in the room
  • how many kids in the room
  • how old the kids are

After that we press “Search”.

Once we got the result, Jacob and I split up. Instead of looking together, we thought that we might find something that the other person did not by looking separately. When we each narrowed it down to our top three, we were amazed that we both picked the exact same three. We narrowed it down to rooms with a max of $30 a night, a pool, free breakfast and a short walk to town.

All of the hotels we found were in our budget so we went to the next key detail for the hotel. We looked through the reviews and found that one of them did not have a pool so we crossed that one out immediately. We were down to two. This pick was hard because to find out if it was a good location, we had to look through the reviews for over an hour. Finally we found enough bad reviews for one of the hotels that we crossed that one off. The hotel that was left was just what we wanted. It was just perfect… Or so we hope. We would not know until we got to the hotel.

On our way to Siem Reap, Jacob and I were sitting on the edge of our seats hoping that we got a good place. When we got there, we were very relieved. The place was perfect! There were four beds so we didn’t need to share.. There was also a great pool, a good breakfast and reliable Wifi. They even had a pool table that we could use.

Siem Reap Pool

The Pool table at the Jasmine

Siem Reap Pool

Our hotel pool


I also met a girl there. She was very nice and fun to hangout with. She lived at the hotel so we could hangout a lot. We played pool together a lot. She usually won because I am not very good at pool. Even though she won a lot, we had fun. Everyone was very happy with the place, especially Jacob and I.

Siem Reap Emma and Friend

Pool-side with my new friend

One response to “How to Book a Hotel on the Road

  1. what a great skill to learn! and so interesting that you actually chose the same 3 hotels. that’s pretty cool – you two seem to be very compatible siblings. 🙂 looks like it was a lovely hotel too.

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