The Impressive Angkor Wat

The reason we went to Siem Riep was to see the temples of Angkor. The biggest attraction was the main temple of Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is the biggest and most impressive temple. My Dad says that it is the largest religious building in the world.

Cambodia Tuk TukWe had a get up early in the morning (5:00 A.M) to go to Angkor Wat. Our normal tuk-tuk driver was away for better work driving a bus, so we went with his less enthusiastic brother.

It was cold and dark in the forest on the tuk-tuk. Tuk-tuks are very windy. This make them cool during the day. At 5:00 AM in the morning, this makes them pretty cold.

When we got to the temple entrance, there were lots of tourists. It was dark and crowded. It was hard no to bump into people. Luckily, we had a flashlight.

Angkor Snake BridgeAngkor Wat is surrounded by a moat. To get to Angkor Wat we went across the bridge over the moat. On the sides of the bridge there were statues of gods pulling on a large snake. This was how they got the fluid to be immortal. We saw this many times at different temples around Angkor.

When we went inside the temple gate it was even darker. It also had more tourists then outside Angkor Wat’s gates. On the other side of the gates, you could see the outline of the massive temple in front of you.

We walked toward the temple. We went on a long walkway that lead to watching areas and the doors to the actual temple.

Angkor Wat SunriseWe stopped at the watching area to watch the sunrise behind the temple. We stayed there for about forty-five minutes. We saw the sunrise and my Mum took lots of pictures. The sunrise was pretty because the sun rose behind Angkor Wat.

Once the sun was up, we had breakfast. I had two really thick pancakes that I did not finish and I also had a Sprite.

Since we are on that topic, lots of local kids there had parents that owned restaurants right next to the Angkor Wat temple. Most of the these kids kept asking you to come to their family restaurant. They said their names were Batman, James Bond and other names like that. Their parents’ restaurants had the same name. I’m pretty sure that they didn’t give us their real names.

Angkor Wat Outside of HallsAfter breakfast we went inside Angkor Wat. First we walked around the outer halls. We saw a lot of carvings about the different gods, how people lived and the battles that they fought.

Some people were doing “rubbings” of the carvings. This is were they put a cloth across the carving and run a sort of pencil across the cloth. This puts an image of the carving on the cloth. You could buy these rubbings and my Mum did.

Angkor Wat Carvings

Angkor Wat MonkeysWhen we were half-way around the outer halls, we saw a whole family of monkeys. They were walking around the temple like they lived there, which I guess they did. They were playing on the walls and statues and looking for food. My Dad says that we are not allowed to feed them.

There were nine peaks to the temple four on the outside, four in the inside and one tall one in the middle. There were long hallways joining the outside peaks. This was were most of the carvings were.

Angkor Wat Towers

The temples always face north, west, south and east. This is important to the Hindu religion.

Angkor Wat InsideInside the temple there was lots of passage ways and rooms. There was a lot of damage inside. Some roofs had fallen and stones were on the ground. It was very big.

It was amazing!

At the pool after a hot day at the temple!

At the pool after a hot day at the temple!

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