Mũi Né Sand Dunes

MuiNe White Sand DunesWhen we were in Vietnam, we went to a small sea-side town called Mũi Né. It is famous for its pretty fishing village and amazing sand dunes. Mũi Né has two types of sand dunes: red and white. The first sand dunes we went to see were near the Fairy Creek stream.

MuiNe Fairy Stream 3Fairy Creek is basically a little creek that has been turned into a tourist attraction. Fairy Creek is located right beside Mũi Né. It flows from the sand dunes to the ocean. This creek was very shallow and was surrounded by red sand and white sand. The sand in the river was from the sand dunes a little walk up stream.

MuiNe Fairy StreamWhen walking in Fairy Creek (there wasn’t a lot of room so we walked in the stream) you will see red sand dunes and white ones. The first sand dunes we saw were red ones. We fought our way up the dune and then came down the other side to meet the river again. It was very steep and hot.There was tons of sand everywhere!

MuiNe Fairy Stream 2We walked through the stream some more. We saw even more sand dunes and some cool figures in them. At one point, we parted from the river and walked along a trail that took us to the beginning of the river. There we found a waterfall. The water around the waterfall was very deep, which was why we had to leave the river.

MuiNe Fairy Stream Waterfall

On our way back from the waterfall, we went ostrich riding! When riding a ostrich it is a bit like a slow horse. You go back and forward in your seat. I felt bad for the ostrich I was riding because some of his feathers had worn off because of the saddle. Aside from that I thought it was really cool.

MuiNe White Sand Dunes 2

MuiNe Dune BuggyOnce we finished in Fairy Creek, we went to the white sand dunes. At these sand dunes we rented some dune buggies. Dune buggies are very fun to ride if you have one that works well. You have to remember to hold on. If you don’t, it can throw you off the back, especially if my Dad is driving.

Even though one of our dune buggies did not work very well, we managed to get to the top of one of the tall sand dunes. The view looked out over everything. It was very pretty and you could see for miles. We tried to sledding down the dune (they gave us some magic carpets), but they didn’t work very well. We had fun trying though.

MuiNe Sand Sledding

Once we gave up on sledding down the sand dunes, we got back on the dune buggies and headed for another sand dune. By this time we had switched buggies and I was with my Dad and Jacob was with my Mum. We were just at the base of the sand dune when the buggy Dad and I was on broke down. The engine died and it would not start again! My Dad and I had to wait, while my Mum and Jacob went to find help. The sand dunes were very hard to navigate because they all look the same. Imagine being stuck in a desert!

MuiNe Dune Buggy 2

My Mum and Jacob did manage to get to the rental place in the end but it took a long time. My Dad and I were smoking hot because there was no shade at all and the sun was beating down on us. We were melting. In the end it all worked out and we had tons of fun.

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  1. Happy New Year’s Emma and the rest of the clan. Always enjoy your updates. It sounds like your Dad drives like me…look out!

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