The Temple Surprise

Dai Nam TempleOne day Mummy and Daddy said let’s go to a temple that was a three hour bus ride away. I said NOOOOOOO! Not another one!

They didn’t listen to me, so we set off to the bus station to catch the bus. When we got to the bus I was so bored. I really didn’t want to visit another temple. I was like, “yay let the fun begin, NOT!”.

When the bus arrived, we went to the ticket booth and I got to see the map. This wasn’t just a temple. It was an amusement park and wave pool as well. Now, I was like, “YEAH! LET THE FUN BEGIN”.

Dai Nam Ride

When we entered the park and got on the trolley, I asked Mummy and Daddy if we were going to the actual temple. They said probably not!😊☺️😉😍😛😱😈

The trolley drove passed the temple and dropped us off an the entrance to the amusement park. They checked our tickets and we were free to go. We walked around to see the different rides. It was weird. There were literally no people at the amusement park. Daddy said that it was like a ghost town. It was creepy.

Dai Nam Roller CoasterWe went on our first ride, a corkscrew roller coaster! Mummy, Emma and I went on together. They strapped us in and we went up and up and up. When we were high up, we turned and down we went. All of us were clanking our heads on our safety harnesses. I thought o’boy this is scary fun when we went around the loops.When we finished the loops my head hurt but that wasn’t the end of it. We went up side down one more time and turned very fast two more times.

Dai Nam Bumper BoatsAfter that we did bumper boats. They did not go very fast but it was fun when we bumped into each other. One time I trapped Emma and did not let her out of an area.

Next we moved on to the dark, ear-piercing witches hut. It wasn’t really a hut. It was more like a house with crazy hallways that went all over the place. Emma and I were walking inside for more than twenty minutes. There was a little Buddhist worship altar at the beginning. When we walked inside, we tripped on a ledge and a skeleton lit up in the ground. There was also a bunch of freaky statues of creepy gods built into the walls. At one point a crazy laughing ghost flew passed us… although it looked a little more like a t-shirt on a string. After that we ducked whenever we heard that crazy laugh.

The next ride was the Mummy Tomb. It was just as ear-piercing as the last one. The difference was that there were mummys in the ground, the floor shook and coffins clanged metal bars when you past. Also at this one a group of ladies were scared so they came with us. We lost them somewhere in the middle.

Our final sort of scary ride was the Pheonix ride though none of them were really scary. This one was a lot like the other ones including a maze at the beginning. This maze was dark. It had arrows pointing in all directions, but the big, lit exit sign gave it away wait the exit had a lit up exit sign.

Dai Nam Wave PoolThere wasn’t much else to do in the amusement park, so we walked over to the big pools. I was really cool. There were really big and looked like fake beaches (no sand). There were two beaches: one with salt water and one with chlorine. When we got there I wanted to go in right away. I had to wait for Emma, Mommy and Daddy.

After we changed, we went into the water. We choose the chlorine side because the salt water looked closed. There was a couple of slides, a couple of climbing wall areas and a kiddie area. We went to one of the climbing wall first. It was difficult because I almost couldn’t stand. It took a while but Emma and I finished it right when the waves came.

Dai Nam Climbing WallDai Nam Climbing Wall - Emma

WAVES! Yes… it was a wave pool! We played in the waves with Daddy. There wasn’t many people in the pool so we could do whatever we wanted.

After lunch we decided to go to the slide. Sure enough there was no one there. So we went down as much as we wanted. It was fun.

A little while after that we left. We took a peek at the temple on the way out, but we didn’t stay long. We had a long, hot ride back to the city. That was ok. It had been a fun day.

Dai Nam Family Swim

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