Beach Week in Hoi An

Hoi An HomestayWe went to a place in Vietnam called Hoi An. We only planned to go for a week in Hoi An, but we ended up staying for 2 weeks. We liked our hotel, the town, the food and the beaches. Our hotel was just in-between the beach and the town. The town had a little market with some fruit and other food. There were lots of good restaurants. There were 2 beaches, one was farther away (An Bang) and one was really close (Cua Dai).

Hoi An Homestay Pool

Hoi An An Bang RestaurantThe first beach we went to was the far one called An Bang beach. This beach was beautiful. Along the beach there were food stalls and restaurants. We did not really swim at this beach the first time. We just dodged the waves. We ate lunch at a restaurant along the beach just a little walk away from the entrance to the beach. We had amazing spring rolls. These spring rolls hd a crisp light crust and had an amazing taste to them.

Hoi An An Bang Rest 2Hoi An Spring Rolls

Hoi An Ride to BeachThe next day we went to Cua Dai beach, the one closer to our hotel. This beach was amazing too. I don’t really have a favourite one. They were both close in comparison. If I had to pick one it would be the closer beach because you don’t have to bike as far. It really all depends on what your doing. When we went to this beach we went swimming. It was a hot day so we went back to the hotel pretty quickly.

While we were in Hoi An there was another family there. They had 2 kids, one was 10 and his name was Emile. The other one was 8 and his name was Felix. They are both boys. When we met them first we were in China. So Vietnam was the second country we met them in.

Hoi An Surfin 1When we first met them in Hoi An we went swimming the same day. It was a really bad wave day. These waves could have taken us out to sea. We did not go super far out like the other days. We mostly dodged tumbling waves (after than had crested). We also played a game we called ironman. The game was simple. All you had to do was try and stand on two feet and take on whatever wave hit you. Usually I would find this game boring but the waves were so strong it was actually fun.

Almost every time we went to the beach we went swimming. I love swimming so much, especially in the water around Hoi An. Every time we went swimming we got tossed around and around. I liked this a lot. In Vancouver the water is cold and the waves are small.

Hoi An Emma SmileSwimming was not the only thing we did. We body surfed and boggie boarded. My favourite one of the two was body surfing. Body surfing takes a lot more energy, but when you catch the right wave it’s awesome. Boggy boarding is where you can catch almost any wave, even if it’s a tumbler.

I liked boggie boarding and body surfing so much that I want to learn how to surf. I think surfing will be kind of like boggie boarding but harder. You will have to be more picky about the waves you catch.

Over all I think the 2 weeks we were in Hoi An were totally worth it and worked out great. I would absolutely go again some time.

Hoi An Riding a Wave

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