My Wudangshan Adventure

Wudangshan is a bunch of mountaintop temples and monasteries in central China. It is famous for its Kung Fu schools and the fact that Karate Kid 2 was filmed there. If you watch Karate Kid 2, you will see the different temples when they go for the long train ride.

Walk to Wudangshan Ticket OfficeWe woke up early and walked about a kilometre up the road to get to the Wudangshan ticket building. When we went in to the ticket building, there was a little bit of a line but not too many people. It looks like it can get very busy. The ticket office could hold a lot of people.

We got the tickets and walked out of the building. Right after that I realized that we had to go on a bus to get to the walking trails up the mountain. When we were about a fifth of a way up, it got very steep and we were very high up. It kept going up.

When we got to the half way point where we could start walking, we were really high up. We talked about taking the bus closer to the top, but Emma didn’t want to. She wanted to walk up all the stairs. The Chinese liked to walk up the stairs to pass by some special religious gates. This was how they practice their religion.

Wudangshan Getting StartedWhen we started walking, we walked up, then down, then up, then down, then up, then down. The view was really nice, but it we didn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Wudangshan Trail View

When we got to the middle of the mountain, we started walking up the stairs through the forest. It was not that tiring for me. I probably could of ran up most of it. My mummy didn’t like the stairs and found it pretty tough.

Wudangshan More Stairs Wudangshan Stairs

It was pretty, but when we got to the busy part we were doomed. There was a lot of traffic and a really skinny walkway. Every chance I got, I ran up to the next section of stairs. When we got to the first temple, everyone was really tired, even me… a little bit. By the third temple, mummy felt like fainting.

Wudangshan Steep StairsWhen we past the third temple, we were happy because we also found the first gate. This was a good sign because we knew there were only three gates to the top. This was also a bad sign, because the steps up to the gate were really steep. I walked up them cautiously, so I was ok. After that I saw that there was a downhill stretch.

Wudangshan TopOnce we passed the third gate, we were almost there. Mummy and daddy were exhausted, so Emma and I raced up to the top. At the top there were lots of building, narrow passage ways and great views. We didn’t spend too long at the top, because daddy was worried we wouldn’t have time to get back before dark.

We did not get to see all the Karate Kid 2 locations, because the area was too big and we didn’t have enough time. There were also areas where you had to pay more and we didn’t want to.

When we were looking around at the top, we saw another way to get down that was supposed to be faster. When we saw how much wider and quieter it was, we were like “Yes!” It was much faster and easier going down this way.

When we got back to where the bus had left us, we took another bus to go down the mountain. We stopped at a couple of places on the way down. At the last stop, we found the lake that was used in the Karate Kid 2. We walked around it and up a small river. It was pretty, but fun too. We walked across some cool bridges and paths. At the end we got to see monkeys playing and eating.

Wudangshan Lake Waterfall Wudangshan Lake Bridge Wudangshan Cool Path Wudangshan Monkeys

At the end of the day we were all tired, but it was fun!

Edited with the help of my Dad.

2 responses to “My Wudangshan Adventure

  1. It was an epic Chinese stair master experience. We climbed for a good 5 or 6 hours. So yes, Jacob, you’re mommy needs more time to climb and doesn’t have those amazing football toned legs like you do. It was pretty amazing to watch you zip up those stone steps at the speed that you did. I’m totally envious 😉

  2. Sounds like so much fun, Jacob! Although I was exhausted just reading your blog!
    After reading all of your family’s blogs, I am just sad we are going to miss China on our adventure year.
    Hope to see you all again soon!

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