Soccer in Beijing


One day we went to a mall to eat. We thought I needed shoes so we bought some really nice Columbia walking shoes for a 1/4 of the price that we would have paid at MEC in Vancouver.

On our way out I saw a China National Football jersey.  I examined it and told my mom I wanted it and lucky for me, she said yes, she would bargain for it.


My mom is a big negotiator. Originally, the shop keeper said the price was 360RMB. My mom bargained hard and it sounded like she was fighting with the shopkeeper.  This way of bargaining is common.  you need to work hard to get the best price.  My mom’s starting offer was 40RMB and she bargained down the original price to 90RMB.  That’s about  $15 Canadian dollars.  I think that’s a really good deal.


This is my new Chinese National Football team jersey and shorts.

This is my new Chinese National Football team jersey and shorts.

It was a good thing for me because the shorts come for free if you buy the shirt.

After we bought the jersey kit we walked right by the Workers Stadium which is where the  Beijing soccer team plays.

The Workers Stadium is bigger than B.C. place!The Workers Stadium also holds more people!  The next soccer game is September 24th and unfortunately I will no longer be in Beijing.  I really hope that I can go to a soccer game in Chengdu.


This is the Worker's Stadium in Beijing.

This is the Worker’s Stadium in Beijing.





9 responses to “Soccer in Beijing

  1. Great news Thankyou great hearing from you this way
    Love and best wishes for your ongoing travels
    G’ma and G’dad .

  2. Hey Jakey!!!!

    The jersey looks soo good on you! Too bad you won’t be in Beijing to see them play, but I’m sure you will get to see a game soon in another city!!! 🙂

    I was soo happy to see this post from you!! Sounds like you guys are having a really good time!!! What did you think of that 8 1/2 hour train ride??? Didn’t you have to stand most of the way??? That must have been soo hard on your legs.

    I can’t wait to hear about your next adventure!! Keep us posted soon okay???

    Love you so soooo much!!

    Auntie Drea!!!!

    PS…. Tell Emma she needs to get writing on her blog too!!!! LOL!!!

  3. Stylin’ young man! You’re right, your Mom is a great negotiator. I’m going take her with me next time I buy a car. 🙂 Question: Is that the stadium that they used for the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies? I think they call it “The Bird’s Nest”.

  4. Hi Jacob, your soccer Jersey is cool! We all miss you at TSS, but it looks like you are having a blast. Keep blogging. I like to see what your doing next.
    From Nick 12

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