Interview of fellow traveler: Keira Szeto

Our friends and neighbours, Conner and Keira.

Our friends and neighbours, Conner and Keira.

A little while ago I interviewed my neighbour Keira.  She is 8 years old and going into grade 3. I did an interview of her because she had just come back from a family vacation.

I asked her 10 questions and this is what she said.

#1 Where did you go?

“I went to Hong Kong which is in China, Singapore which is a country, and Bali which is in Indonesia.” Keira said.



#2 What foods did you try?

She said “In Bali I tried a really fresh red snapper it was super and I also had a lobster that was amazingly tasteful. In Singapore I tried a whole bunch of awesome foods but some of my favorite were roti pasta that was amazing and also a lemon grass tea that was a lot more tasteful then it sounded. Last but not least Hong Kong I didn’t really try any new foods but the foods I had were good.”

Crispy Duck Spring Rolls

Crispy Duck Spring Rolls

#3 What was your favorite part about each place?

Keira said, “In Hong Kong the view from our hotel was kind of cool. The weather in Hong Kong was amazing because it was sunny but not too hot or too cold.  In Bali, the beaches were amazing because the water was really clear and it was really beautiful.  In Singapore the food was amazing and I really like everything I ate there.”

Keira and her brother Conner in Singapore.  They learned all about Panda bears.

Keira and her brother Conner in Singapore. They learned all about Panda bears.

#4 Did you have any relatives in the places you visited?

Her answer was, “I have no relatives in Bali. I’m not so sure about Hong Kong though. In Singapore I had a whole bunch of relatives.”

#5 Did you like it there? Why or why not?

Keira said that she liked Hong Kong because the people were friendly and I really liked the food.  I would rate Hong Kong a 9 out of 10.

Keira liked Bali because it was a lot different than the food she was eating at home.  She really liked the weather and the culture.  The culture was a lot different from the other two places she was at which made it interesting to see.  She rated Bali a 10 out of 10. In Singapore, Keira liked the food because it was kind of different and pretty fresh tasting.  Singapore got a rating of 10 out of 10.

Keira is trying a yummy new drink in Singapore.

Keira is trying a yummy new drink in Singapore.

#6 Would you recommend we go there? Why or why not?

Her answer was that she thought we’d like to go to Hong Kong because all the places were nice and it’s really enjoyable.  She also recommended Bali because the seafood was really, really fresh and tasted amazing.  The markets were also great because very colourful and beautiful.  Singapore was also recommended because of the  food and the culture because you probably wouldn’t be able to see the same types of things anywhere else.

Bali Beach

#7 How long did you spend in each place?

She spent 1 day and 1 night in Hong Kong.

9 days and 8 nights in Bali.

The most time was spent in Singapore with 11 days and 11 nights.

#8 Would you go to the places you went again? Why or Why not?

Keira would definitely go to Hong Kong again because she didn’t get to spend a lot of time there and if she could have stayed longer she would have been able to explore a lot more places.

Bali was also a yes because she would like to explore it a lot more because it was interesting and she hasn’t been to a lot of places like that.

She would also like to go back to Singapore because she wants to visit with her relatives some more and just look around.

#9 What would you like to do in each place that you didn’t get to do this time?

In Hong Kong she really wanted to experience the culture.  In Bali she would like to visit the boat markets and the Buddhist temple.  In Singapore she’d like to experience more of the culture that they have to offer.


#10 What languages did they speak in the different places?  Did you know how to speak any of them?

In Hong Kong they spoke English and Cantonese.  They didn’t know how to speak Cantonese.  In Singapore they spoke English and all of the Chinese languages with one of them being Mandarin.  They knew how to speak both English and Mandarin.  They couldn’t speak the Indonesian language in Bali, but they could speak English.

Photo Credits:  Selma Ong

2 responses to “Interview of fellow traveler: Keira Szeto

  1. HEY EMMA!!!!

    What a great project you did on Keira!! I’m soo impressed with the questions you asked her and how you put the whole assignment together! WAY TO GO!!!

    Do you plan on visiting some of the places she wen to?? That would be pretty exciting to share your stories and experiences with her.

    I hear you are having a wonderful time where ever you are. I ALSO hear that Jacob is driving you NUTS sometimes! HA HA HA!!! Isn’t that always the case though??

    I love to hear more from you!!! I think I will be getting an iPhone soon….so maybe we can iChat with each other?

    Love you soo much and think about all of you ALLLL the time!!

    Auntie Drea

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